Controversy and Excitement Surrounding the 2024 Masked Singer UK Grand Final

WriterDaniel Roberts

12 February 2024

Controversy and Excitement Surrounding the 2024 Masked Singer UK Grand Final


The 2024 Masked Singer UK grand final is just around the corner, and the three remaining contestants have been revealed. Cricket, Piranha, and Bigfoot have made it through to the final, leaving fans both excited and frustrated.

Frustrations and Controversy

The semi-final episode of The Masked Singer aired on Saturday night, unveiling two more celebrities. However, fans expressed their frustrations on Twitter, as many talented singers were eliminated in favor of less obvious vocalists. The focus of the fan fury was on Bigfoot, who is believed by many to be The Last Leg co-host Alex Brooker. This has sparked a debate about whether the contestants are being chosen for survival based on musical talent or for the sake of entertainment.

The Final Three

Bigfoot, Cricket, and Piranha emerged as the final three contestants on Saturday's episode. This followed the elimination of Air Fryer and Eiffel Tower, who were revealed to be professional singers. Air Fryer turned out to be The Greatest Showman star and West End regular Keala Settle, while Eiffel Tower was 80s pop icon Tiffany.

The Controversial Result

The result of the semi-final has caused quite a stir, with many expressing their disbelief on social media. Some viewers feel that the British public does not understand singing talent in reality shows, as Alex Brooker managed to beat professional singers Tiffany and Keala Settle. This unexpected outcome has led to heated discussions and criticism of the judging process.

The Popular Theories

The judges and viewers have been speculating about the identities of the remaining contestants. For Bigfoot, popular theories include Alex Brooker, Rupert Grint, and Adam Hills. Cricket has divided the judges, with guesses ranging from Blue singer Simon Webbe to Lemar. As for Piranha, social media users are convinced that McFly's Danny Jones is behind the mask, although Jamie Cullum, Niall Horan, and Tom Grennan are also popular guesses.

What's Next?

The final three contestants will take the stage again next week, where each member of the trio will be unmasked and the winner will be revealed. The anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the grand finale of The Masked Singer UK.


The 2024 Masked Singer UK grand final is shaping up to be an exciting and controversial event. With Cricket, Piranha, and Bigfoot as the final three contestants, the outcome is uncertain. The show has sparked discussions about the judging process and the public's understanding of singing talent. As the finale approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to see who will be crowned the winner.

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