Introducing the Killing Air Fryer: A Terrifying Horror Film Project

WriterDaniel Roberts

6 February 2024

Introducing the Killing Air Fryer: A Terrifying Horror Film Project


MMH Productions is proud to present a new horror icon that will leave you both fascinated and terrified: the Killing Air Fryer. With over 230 horror films under our belt since 2017, we have brought various objects to life on the big screen, from toasters to cars. Now, we are returning to the kitchen with this chilling gadget.

The Film

Starring indie film supporter and legend Matt Skiiner, the Killing Air Fryer will be the centerpiece of a shot-on-video horror feature. This film will make you think twice before cooking those fries and onion rings again. We are committed to maintaining the authenticity of the VHS era, shooting the entire film on a VHS camcorder and editing the first draft on a VCR. From there, we will export it to digital and enhance the film with audio, music, and titles using Adobe Software.

Additional Projects

In addition to the main feature, we will also be producing a short film that involves another toy coming to life. Furthermore, we are excited to announce our first MMH shark project, Pool Toy Shark Frenzy. This film will be shot digitally and will feature talented child actors from MMH Productions.

Casting Opportunities

We are offering a unique opportunity for our supporters to appear on screen in the film. We have 6 spots available for a news reporter scene. To ensure diversity and creativity, we have prepared 8 scenarios for the scene. Each backer will have the chance to choose one scenario and receive a script for that part. They can even add their own lines to make it their own. The selection process will be on a first-come, first-served basis, with the first person who donates getting their first pick. We will remove chosen scenarios to ensure everyone has something different. Backers will have a strict deadline of 2 weeks to send in their footage after the campaign ends.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this thrilling horror film project. Support MMH Productions and join us in bringing the Killing Air Fryer to life on the big screen. Together, let's create a horror icon that will haunt audiences for years to come.

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