Introducing the Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer: Compact Design, Impressive Capacity

WriterDaniel Roberts

7 February 2024

Introducing the Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer: Compact Design, Impressive Capacity


Air fryers have become incredibly popular in recent years, dominating the world of home cooking. Social media platforms are filled with videos showcasing the latest cooking trends using these appliances. However, many households face a common obstacle when it comes to owning an air fryer - limited kitchen space. The bulky size of traditional air fryers makes it challenging to accommodate them on countertops or in cupboards.

A Brilliant Solution

Fortunately, Ninja has developed a game-changing solution to this problem. The upcoming Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer is a double stacking air fryer that occupies just 30cm square of space. It is specifically designed for small kitchens and countertops, and can even fit comfortably in a standard cupboard.

Impressive Features

The Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer offers a remarkable 9.5 litre capacity, making it suitable for larger families. Despite its spacious interior, it has a 30% smaller footprint compared to other family-sized options from the brand. Additionally, it can cook up to four layers of food and stands at a height of 39cm, allowing it to fit under kitchen cabinets.

Availability and Savings

The Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer is expected to be available for pre-order on the Ninja website soon. However, if you can't wait, there are currently savings to be had on the Ninja website. For example, the Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone is currently discounted by almost £71, bringing its price down to £179.

Other Exciting Offerings

In addition to the Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer, Ninja has unveiled other exciting products. The Ninja Creami Deluxe, an upgraded version of the popular frozen dessert gadget, now comes with a 50% bigger tub and several new features. It is already available for purchase on the Ninja website for £249. This Deluxe version offers the convenience of multiple tubs, allowing users to prepare more than one batch at a time. It also introduces four new functions, including a half-and-half function for creating two flavors in one tub.

Alternatives for Budget Shoppers

For those seeking more affordable options, Amazon offers a tempting deal on the COSORI Air Fryer 5.5L, priced at £66.49 and includes an air fryer cookbook. Another budget-friendly choice is the LOGIK LAF21 Air Fryer, available at Currys for just £29.99.


Air fryers have revolutionized home cooking, and Ninja's innovative DoubleStack XL Air Fryer addresses the issue of limited kitchen space. With its compact design and impressive features, it provides a solution for small kitchens without compromising on capacity. Whether you choose the Ninja DoubleStack XL Air Fryer or explore other options, there is an air fryer available to suit every budget and cooking need.

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