Keala Settle Revealed as Air Fryer on 'The Masked Singer UK'

WriterDaniel Roberts

12 February 2024

Keala Settle Revealed as Air Fryer on 'The Masked Singer UK'


In the latest episode of 'The Masked Singer UK', Air Fryer was the first contestant to be eliminated during the double elimination round. The show featured a fierce competition between Cricket, Bigfoot, Piranha, Air Fryer, and Eiffel Tower, all vying for a spot in the star-studded finale.

Air Fryer's Identity

After a series of standout performances that moved the judges to tears, it was revealed that Air Fryer was none other than actress and singer Keala Settle. Settle is known for originating the role of Norma Valverde in the musical 'Hands On A Hardbody' and for her appearance in the film 'The Greatest Showman', where her song 'This Is Me' reached No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart.

Reflections on the Experience

Upon being unmasked, Settle expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and the learning experience the show provided. She mentioned that there were many close guesses about her identity, and she even knew one of the guest judges. Settle also shared that the challenge of the show was not just physical but also psychological, as performers have to break free from the facade they are used to.

A Fun Fact

As a humorous note, Settle mentioned that she owns an air fryer and loves it!


The elimination of Air Fryer marked an exciting moment in 'The Masked Singer UK'. Keala Settle's reveal as the contestant behind the mask added to the star power of the show. The episode showcased the emotional impact of the performances and highlighted the talent of the remaining contestants. As the competition heads towards the finale, viewers can look forward to more surprises and thrilling performances.

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