U.S. Judge Sets Trial Date for Google Lawsuit, Implications for Digital Advertising Industry

WriterDaniel Roberts

6 February 2024

U.S. Judge Sets Trial Date for Google Lawsuit, Implications for Digital Advertising Industry


A U.S. federal judge has announced that a jury trial in the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department and a coalition of states against Google will commence on September 9, 2024. The lawsuit, filed in January 2023, alleges that Google has abused its dominance of digital advertising technology and monopolized the market for digital advertising, suppressing competition.

The Allegations

The lawsuit accuses Google of engaging in monopolistic practices by abusing its dominance in the digital advertising technology sector. It claims that Google's actions have stifled competition and prevented fair market competition.

Government's Demand

The U.S. government has demanded that Google be compelled to sell its ad manager suite to promote fair competition in the industry. This demand aims to level the playing field and create a more competitive environment for digital advertising.


This highly-anticipated legal battle will be closely watched by tech companies and regulators worldwide. The outcome of the trial could have significant implications for the digital advertising industry and the power dynamics within it.

Google's Response

Google has denied the allegations and stated that if the lawsuit succeeds, it would have negative consequences for innovation, raise advertising fees, and hinder the growth of small businesses and publishers.

Trial Details

The trial is scheduled to take place in Alexandria, Virginia, in September 2024. The decision to hold the trial in September was made to address logistical challenges that a summer trial would have presented.

Other Lawsuits

In addition to this lawsuit, Google is also facing legal challenges in Texas and Washington, D.C. Texas and other states have filed a similar complaint against Google, questioning its ad tech practices. In Washington, D.C., a separate lawsuit involving Google's dominance in web searches is set to present final arguments in May.


The upcoming jury trial against Google represents a significant legal battle that will determine the future of digital advertising competition. The outcome of the trial will have far-reaching implications for the industry and could potentially reshape the power dynamics within it. Tech companies and regulators worldwide will closely monitor the proceedings, as the verdict will set a precedent for future cases involving monopolistic practices in the digital advertising sector.

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