Air Fryer Alert: A Kmart Shopper's Surprising Kitchen Discovery

WriterDaniel Roberts

12 April 2024

Air Fryer Alert: A Kmart Shopper's Surprising Kitchen Discovery
  • Key takeaway one: A Kmart shopper placed a terrazzo tray under her air fryer to protect her bench top but found the tray cracked instead.
  • Key takeaway two: Many people are unaware of the potential for air fryers to damage kitchen surfaces, despite widespread stories.
  • Key takeaway three: It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions for air fryer placement to avoid damage to kitchen fixtures.

In a tale that seems to leap straight out of a home safety manual, a Kmart shopper has raised the alarm on a lesser-known hazard lurking in our kitchens. This isn't about a knife left precariously on the edge of a counter or a gas stove left on; it's something that many of us might not even consider a threat—our trusty air fryers.

The story unfolds on a popular Kmart Facebook group, where a woman shared her proactive measure to shield her stone bench top from potential harm. She purchased a Kmart Round Terrazzo Tray, placing it beneath her air fryer for protection. However, what happened next was not what she expected. Instead of safeguarding her bench top, the terrazzo tray itself cracked under the heat. "You hear all the horror stories about air fryers cracking benches (so glad I heard them)," she recounted. "So I found this great terrazzo tray that matches my bench at Kmart, and it has cracked. But at least it isn’t the bench!"

This incident has sparked a flurry of reactions from the online community, with many expressing shock and admitting their ignorance to the potential damage air fryers can cause. Comments ranged from sheer surprise to personal anecdotes of similar experiences. "OMG WHATTT? I had no idea!" exclaimed one member. Another shared, "Wow, I’ve never heard that! We use ours on a stone bench and I guess have just been lucky."

The incident highlights an essential piece of advice often overlooked: the importance of adhering to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the placement of air fryers. Kmart's manual, for instance, specifies that the appliance should be placed on a "stable, horizontal, flat and heat resistant" surface, maintaining a safe distance from walls, curtains, and other heat-sensitive materials. This advice is common across similar products, underscoring the potential risk they pose if not used carefully.

Drawing from personal experience, the danger of improper air fryer placement became all too real when I placed my Aldi version too close to a window sill. The result? Lovely bubbles in the paintwork, courtesy of the hot air expelled during cooking.

This collective learning moment serves as a reminder to never take appliance safety for granted. Whether it's a story shared on a Facebook group or a warning tucked away in the instruction manual, paying attention might just save your kitchen from an unexpected makeover.

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