Air Fryer Recall Alert: Is Your Kitchen Gadget a Fire Hazard?

WriterDaniel Roberts

19 March 2024

Air Fryer Recall Alert: Is Your Kitchen Gadget a Fire Hazard?

Key Takeaways:

  • Insignia air fryers are being recalled due to safety concerns, including melting handles and the risk of overheating.
  • The recall affects both digital and analog models, with sizes ranging between 3.4 and 10 quarts.
  • Consumers in Canada have reported six incidents of malfunction, prompting immediate action.
  • Over 99,000 units sold between September 2021 and November 2023 are included in the recall.
  • Owners of the affected air fryers should cease use immediately and register for the recall online.

Hey, kitchen gadget enthusiasts! Got an air fryer sitting on your countertop? Before you whip up your next batch of guilt-free fries, you might want to check if your device is part of a major recall. The brand in question? Insignia. Yep, the popular go-to for many when it comes to air frying might just have a glitch that's a tad too hot to handle.

What's Cooking with the Recall?

Insignia's range of air fryers, both the digital and analog varieties, as well as their digital air fryer ovens, are facing a recall that's got many consumers hitting the pause button on their next culinary adventure. We're talking about models that vary in size from cozy 3.4 quarts all the way up to the party-ready 10 quarts. And it's not just the insides that vary — these air fryers come in both full plastic and a chic plastic with stainless-steel bodies.

Why the Heat?

As of February, there's been a simmering concern with reports coming out of Canada of six instances where the air fryer handles melted. Yikes, right? But wait, it gets hotter. There's also been a report of glass breaking. Now, that's not something you want happening as you reach for those crispy treats. The underlying issue seems to be the air fryers overheating, which not only puts your snacks at risk but also raises a serious fire hazard.

The Scope of the Recall

If you're in Canada and own an Insignia air fryer, pay attention. Over 99,000 units, sold from the crispy fall of September 2021 through to the chilly November 2023, are caught up in this recall. That's a lot of air fryers potentially turning kitchens into no-fry zones.

What Should You Do?

First off, hit that off button and unplug. If you've got one of these Insignia models, you're going to want to immediately stop using it. No ifs, ands, or buts. The next step? Get yourself registered for the recall online. It's a simple process that ensures you're not left with a faulty device that could cramp your style (or worse).

Wrapping It Up

The air fryer recall is a stark reminder that even our most beloved kitchen gadgets can come with unexpected risks. For those affected, taking immediate action is crucial. And hey, while you're waiting for that recall process to pan out, it might be a good time to revisit some old-school cooking methods. Who knows? You might just rediscover the joy of oven-baked fries or the art of the perfect pan-sear.

Stay safe, stay informed, and let's keep our kitchens hazard-free!

(First reported by: Health Canada, February 2023)

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