Air Fryers: The Secret Ingredient in Engaging A-Level PE Lessons at Harrogate Sixth Form

WriterDaniel Roberts

12 March 2024

Air Fryers: The Secret Ingredient in Engaging A-Level PE Lessons at Harrogate Sixth Form

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Teaching: A unique 'Diet and Nutrition MasterChef' session using air fryers was introduced to A Level PE students at Ashville College.
  • Practical Learning: Students learned to prepare nutritious meals tailored to specific sports scenarios, blending academic theory with practical life skills.
  • Engagement and Inspiration: The initiative has successfully engaged students, linking curriculum content with real-life applications and inspiring future learning.

In an inventive twist to traditional Physical Education, Ashville College in Harrogate has introduced air fryers into their A Level PE lessons, transforming the way students learn about diet and nutrition. Dubbed the 'Diet and Nutrition MasterChef' session, this hands-on educational approach has not only spiced up the curriculum but has also offered students valuable insights into the practical aspects of sports science.

The Genesis of a Culinary Revolution in PE

The innovative idea came to life following a casual staff room conversation about the multifaceted benefits of air fryers, including their nutritional, energy, and cost-saving advantages. Mr. Mathieu Medway, the visionary Head of Academic PE, saw the potential for integrating this technology into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience for his students. Equipped with just an air fryer, a kettle, hand utensils, and their chosen ingredients, the Lower Sixth pupils, all of whom are accomplished young athletes, were tasked with creating meals tailored to specific athletic scenarios.

A Menu for Champions

The assignment required students to consider various factors such as the timing of the meal in relation to the athlete's activity, as well as personal attributes including gender, height, weight, age, weekly workload, and any allergies. The outcomes were impressive, with students crafting meals like crispy shredded chicken and egg fried rice for a 400m runner, chicken breast with rice for a cricket batsman, and a hearty sirloin steak with fries for an international rugby player.

More Than Just Cooking

This unique exercise went beyond teaching students how to cook; it intertwined academic theory with sports science while instilling essential life skills. The initiative not only prepared students for their upcoming A-Level examinations but also left a lasting impact by highlighting the importance of nutrition in sports performance.

Mr. Paul Stansfield, Director of Sport at Ashville, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, noting how it exemplified the school's commitment to innovative teaching methods that engage students and bring the curriculum to life.

A Recipe for Success

The air fryer project has been a resounding success, with students fully immersing themselves in the experience. Mr. Medway, reflecting on the initiative's impact, shared his delight in seeing his idea come to fruition, emphasizing the engaging and aromatic atmosphere it brought to the classroom.

Keira, a participating Lower Sixth pupil, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the project's role in making the course module theory more relatable and exciting.

This forward-thinking approach by Ashville College not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students for a healthier, more informed future, proving that sometimes, the best lessons come from thinking outside the conventional classroom setting.

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