Anticipating the Amazon Spring Sale: Air Fryer Deals and Discounts

WriterDaniel Roberts

16 February 2024

Anticipating the Amazon Spring Sale: Air Fryer Deals and Discounts


As the weather gets warmer and spring approaches, anticipation is building for the possibility of an Amazon spring sale. While Amazon has not yet announced if there will be a sale this year, we can look back at previous events to get an idea of what to expect.

When is the Amazon Spring Sale 2024?

If there is a spring sale this year, we would expect it to fall around the same time as last year's event. In 2023, the sale ran from 6pm on Monday 27 March to 11:59pm on Wednesday 29 March.

What Deals on Air Fryers Can We Expect?

While we can't say for certain what deals will be included in any future Amazon sales, we can look at the offers from the previous spring sale. Last year, the Tower T17021 air fryer was discounted by 30%, and Ninja's air fryers also saw reductions. Currently, there are already some great air fryer deals available on Amazon.

  • Ninja air fryer max: Currently reduced by 26%, this appliance has a roomy 5.2l capacity and six cooking functions.

  • Proscenic T31 air fryer oven: Currently discounted by just shy of 30%, this oven can be controlled from afar using the app and comes with 12 settings.

  • Tefal easy fry dual zone digital air fryer: Currently reduced by 22%, this air fryer has two drawers with different-sized capacities and can cook for up to eight people at once.

  • Russell Hobbs XL family rapid air fryer, grill and multi-cooker: Currently reduced by 52%, this model is great for grilling and can also bake, roast, sear, slow cook, and keep food warm.


If the Amazon Spring Sale does happen this year, it could be a great opportunity to save on air fryers. Whether you're looking for your first air fryer or an upgrade, keep an eye out for the deals and discounts that may be available. In the meantime, there are already some fantastic air fryer deals on Amazon that you can take advantage of.

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