Best Buy Recalls Insignia Air Fryers Over Fire, Burn, and Laceration Hazards

WriterDaniel Roberts

19 March 2024

Best Buy Recalls Insignia Air Fryers Over Fire, Burn, and Laceration Hazards

In a significant move impacting kitchen safety, Best Buy has initiated a recall of six models of Insignia air fryers, due to serious concerns over potential fire, burn, and laceration risks. Manufactured in China, this recall spans a range of products including three standard air fryers, one model with dual baskets, and two air fryer ovens, all under the Insignia brand. This decision comes after reports of the devices overheating, leading to melted handles or broken glass, posing significant dangers to users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immediate Action Required: Owners of the recalled Insignia air fryers are urged to cease using the devices immediately due to risks of fire, burns, and cuts from shattering glass.
  • Scope of Recall: Approximately 187,400 units in the US and an additional 99,900 in Canada are affected, highlighting the widespread impact of this safety issue.
  • Refund Process: Consumers can obtain a refund by submitting proof of purchase and device photos, opting for either a check or Best Buy store credit.
  • Incident Reports: Best Buy has received 24 reports of incidents, including six fires, though no injuries or property damage have been reported yet.
  • Purchasing Information: The recalled products were available at Best Buy stores,,, and via third-party sellers from November 2021 to November 2023, priced between $32 and $180.

The recall covers models known to overheat, causing potential fire and burn hazards, with the air fryer ovens posing additional risks due to the possibility of glass door shattering, leading to laceration hazards. Consumers in possession of these models are advised to stop using them immediately and follow the provided instructions for submitting their claim for a refund, which can be accessed through a designated link.

Best Buy's proactive recall reflects growing concerns over air fryer safety, following similar recalls by other brands in recent times. The company has set up a dedicated hotline (800-566-7498) available from 7am to 6pm CT, Monday through Friday, for affected customers seeking assistance or more information.

This recall serves as a reminder of the importance of product safety and the need for consumers to stay informed about the appliances they use in their homes. For detailed model numbers and further information, visit the official Consumer Product Safety Commission website or contact Best Buy directly.

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