Get Ready for Easter Baking with Aldi's New Air Fryers and Essentials

WriterDaniel Roberts

1 March 2024

Get Ready for Easter Baking with Aldi's New Air Fryers and Essentials

Aldi Introduces New Easter Baking Essentials and Air Fryers

Aldi has announced its latest addition to its home and kitchenware collection, just in time for Easter. Shoppers can now explore a range of exciting Easter baking essentials and the return of the popular air fryers.

Air Fryers for Easy Cooking

Aldi customers have the option to choose from two air fryers: the Dual Basket Air Fryer (£69.99) or the 5L Air Fryer with Viewing Window (£39.99). These multi-tasking cookers come with a variety of features, including adjustable temperature controls, a 60-minute timer, and cool touch handles. With just a touch of a button, cooking in the kitchen has never been easier.

Affordable Alternative

What's even better is that Aldi shoppers can save up to a massive 61% (£109.01) compared to Ninja's £179.00 Foodi Max Dual Zone Air Fryer. Aldi's air fryers provide the same functionality at a fraction of the price.

Sleek and Convenient Accessories

To complement these 'must-have' kitchen gadgets, Aldi is offering Air Fryer Accessories (£1.49 each). Shoppers can choose from a selection of dishwasher safe silicone inserts, liners, and cupcake trays. This eliminates the hassle of deep cleaning the air fryer after every use.

Classic Stand Mixer for Easy Baking

For those who want to get prepping for Easter with some baking, Aldi's Classic Stand Mixer (£39.99) is back. Available in cream or green, this mixer boasts eight speed levels, pulse functionality, and comes with plenty of dishwasher safe accessories. Say goodbye to the tedious task of washing up.


These exciting products will be available to purchase in stores from Thursday, March 14. Make sure to mark your calendars and get your hands on these Easter baking essentials and kitchen gadgets.

Aldi Easter Baking Range

  • Classic Stand Mixer (03/2024) - £39.99
  • Measuring Spoons/Sieves Set - £6.99
  • Mini Baking Tool (12/2024) - £4.99
  • Cake Box - £4.99
  • 3 Pack Oven Trays - £3.99
  • Essential Bakeware - £2.99
  • Plastic Mixing Bowl Set - £2.99

These items will be available to buy from Sunday, March 24.

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