Ninja's Dual Basket Air Fryer: The Kitchen Revolution at an Unbeatable Price

WriterDaniel Roberts

8 March 2024

Ninja's Dual Basket Air Fryer: The Kitchen Revolution at an Unbeatable Price

Get ready to elevate your kitchen game without breaking the bank. Ninja is on a mission to make sure every home has the luxury of owning an air fryer, specifically their Dual Basket model, and they're making it irresistibly affordable to achieve that dream. This time around, it's Currys leading the charge with a deal that's too good to pass up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insane Deal Alert: Currys slashes the price of the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone AF300 by £50.99.
  • Double the Fun: Enjoy the flexibility of two independent cooking zones with a 7.6L capacity.
  • Versatile Cooking Options: From Max Crisp to Bake, unleash a world of culinary possibilities.
  • Healthier and Easier: Achieve 75% less fat in your meals and enjoy dishwasher-safe components for easy cleanup.

Ninja's Foodi Dual Zone AF300 is more than just an air fryer; it's a culinary revolution waiting to happen in your kitchen. Originally priced at £219.99, Currys has waved its magic wand and brought it down to an incredible £169. That's a saving of £50.99 that you can now allocate to something else on your wishlist.

Dive into the Dual Zone

This isn't your average air fryer. The Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer boasts a hefty 7.6L capacity and two completely independent baskets. This means you can juggle different dishes, temperatures, and timings, all at once. Imagine crisping up some sausages in one basket while getting those perfect, fluffy-on-the-inside chips ready on the side. The possibilities are endless, with cooking modes including Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, Dehydrate, and Bake.

Roast, Bake, and More

Dream of roasting a whole chicken to perfection while simultaneously preparing crispy sprouts? Or maybe baking a cake while dehydrating fruit slices for a healthy snack? The Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer makes all this possible with just a spoonful of oil, ensuring a healthier option with 75% less fat compared to traditional frying methods. Plus, the dishwasher-safe trays and baskets mean cleanup is a breeze.

Back in 2020, our reviewer was blown away by this kitchen marvel, awarding it a full five-star review. The verdict was clear: "With two independently controlled drawers, the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone 7.6L Air Fryer lets you cook different items and have cooking complete at the same time... It’s the best and most flexible air fryer we’ve tested."

Always a Deal to Be Had

For those who've paid the full price in the past, you might kick yourselves. There always seems to be an offer around the corner for the AF300. And who knows? With deals this good, it might be worth trying your luck at haggling with Ninja directly. Perhaps a bag of cheese and onion crisps and a pickled egg might just clinch you an air fryer.

In all seriousness, if you're in the market for an air fryer, this deal from Currys on the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone AF300 is not to be missed. It's a game-changer for your kitchen, offering flexibility, healthier cooking options, and ease of use all wrapped up in one sleek package.

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