Save 10% on Ninja Air Fryers: Special Discount for Eligible Professionals

WriterDaniel Roberts

6 March 2024

Save 10% on Ninja Air Fryers: Special Discount for Eligible Professionals


Air fryers have become increasingly popular due to their ability to cook food quickly and efficiently while using less energy than traditional ovens. However, the cost of these appliances can be a deterrent for many consumers. Fortunately, there is a little-known discount available that allows workers from various professions to save 10% on their purchase of Ninja air fryers.

Who is Eligible for the Discount?

Ninja offers this special discount to a wide range of professionals, including key workers, young professionals, and individuals over the age of 55. Some of the eligible professions include healthcare and NHS workers, teachers, military personnel, police and fire officers, delivery and transport workers, supermarket staff, charity workers, social care workers, and government employees.

Additional Sale Event

In addition to the discount, Ninja is currently running a sale event with significant discounts on their air fryers. This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to save even more on their purchase.

Popular Ninja Air Fryer Models

Ninja offers a variety of air fryer models that have gained popularity among consumers. Two of the most popular models are the Ninja Foodi Max and the Ninja Speedi.

Ninja Foodi Max

The Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer is highly praised for its power, easy controls, and wide array of preset functions. It provides excellent results when crisping up chips and offers the convenience of dual drawers. However, some users have mentioned that a dividing shelf would be beneficial to utilize the deep drawers more efficiently. The Ninja Foodi Max is available for purchase at £199.99.

Ninja Speedi

The Ninja Speedi air fryer has been a hit since its release last year. It has received positive reviews for its ability to cook food quickly and efficiently, resulting in significant gas savings. Users have also appreciated the time saved on kitchen cleaning. However, due to its higher price point, potential buyers should consider their level of usage before making the investment. The Ninja Speedi is available for purchase at £149.

Alternative Air Fryer Option

While Ninja air fryers are popular, there are alternative options available in the market. One highly recommended alternative is the Salter Aerogrill Pro 16-in-1. This versatile appliance not only air fries but also bakes, dehydrates, and grills. It is particularly praised for its grilling mode, which adds a distinctive char-grill flavor to dishes. The Salter Aerogrill Pro is priced at £84.99 on Amazon, but it can be found at a lower price of £64.99 when purchased directly from Salter.


If you're in the market for an air fryer, consider taking advantage of the special discount offered by Ninja. By using this discount, eligible workers can save 10% on their purchase of Ninja air fryers. Additionally, with the ongoing sale event, there are even more opportunities to save. Whether you choose a Ninja air fryer or explore alternative options like the Salter Aerogrill Pro, you can enjoy the benefits of quick and energy-efficient cooking while adding delicious flavors to your meals.

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