Score a Top-Rated Tower Air Fryer on Amazon and Slash Your Energy Bills

WriterDaniel Roberts

8 April 2024

Score a Top-Rated Tower Air Fryer on Amazon and Slash Your Energy Bills

Key Takeaways:

  • Massive Savings: Snag the Tower T17137MNB Vortx 8.5L Dual Basket Air Fryer for just £109.99, saving £30 with this hot Amazon deal.
  • Energy Efficiency: Cut your cooking time by up to 30% and potentially save up to 70% on energy bills, which could mean around £150 back in your pocket.
  • Innovative Cooking: Thanks to Vortx technology, enjoy faster cooking without sacrificing taste or quality, all with minimal oil.
  • Versatile and Convenient: A generous 8.5L capacity split into two baskets allows for diverse cooking options, with presets for air frying, grilling, and more.

Cooking at home just got a whole lot cooler and more cost-effective, thanks to a tantalizing deal on the Tower T17137MNB Vortx 8.5L Dual Basket Air Fryer. Currently, Amazon is slicing £30 off the price, letting this kitchen marvel land in your home for just £109.99. But it's not just about snagging a bargain; this air fryer is a game-changer for both your culinary adventures and your wallet.

Tower's Vortx technology is revolutionizing how we cook, enabling rapid circulation of hot air around ingredients. This not only speeds up the cooking process by up to 30% compared to traditional ovens but also ensures that the food retains its delicious flavor and gets that sought-after crispy texture with barely any oil. This means you can indulge in your favorite fried foods without the guilt.

Beyond the health perks, the Tower air fryer is a hero when it comes to saving on energy bills. Tower claims that using this air fryer can save you up to 70% on energy, potentially translating to a whopping £150 saving. In these times, who wouldn't want to keep that extra cash?

The design is nothing short of thoughtful. With an 8.5L capacity, divided into two 4.25L baskets, it caters to all your cooking needs, whether you're preparing a feast for a big family or cooking different dishes that require separate timings and temperatures. The Sync Finish function is a standout, ensuring everything is ready to serve at the same time. And if you're hosting a dinner party? The Dual function lets you cook double the amount of food quickly and efficiently.

Ease of use is also a key feature, with a touch-screen control panel that makes selecting one of the six pre-set cooking functions (air fry, grill, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate) a breeze. Plus, for added peace of mind, Tower offers a one-year guarantee as standard, extendable to three years upon product registration online.

Though it's yet to be reviewed by our team, verified buyers on Amazon have given it a solid four-star rating, praising its ease of use and the significant reduction in cooking time.

For busy families or anyone looking to make a smart, energy-efficient addition to their kitchen, this Tower air fryer deal is too good to pass up. Not only does it promise to slash your energy bills, but it also offers a healthier, faster, and more versatile cooking experience. Dive into the world of efficient, flavorful cooking with this Tower air fryer and make your kitchen the coolest spot in the house.

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