Sharp R321CAF Microwave: 5-in-1 Cooking with Built-in Air Fryer

WriterDaniel Roberts

20 February 2024

Sharp R321CAF Microwave: 5-in-1 Cooking with Built-in Air Fryer


Are you tired of cluttering your kitchen with multiple appliances? Look no further than the Sharp R321CAF Microwave. This innovative microwave offers five-in-one cooking capabilities, including microwave, bake, roast, grill, and air fry. With its compact size and versatile functions, it's the perfect solution for those who value both convenience and space management.

The Standout Feature: Built-in Air Fryer

One of the standout features of the Sharp R321CAF Microwave is its built-in air fryer. In our tests, it performed as well as two standalone air fryers. Now you can enjoy crispy and delicious fried food without the need for additional appliances.

Value for Money

Priced at $649, the Sharp R321CAF Microwave offers excellent value for money. It is competitively priced compared to standalone air fryers, such as the Philips 7000 Series Connected Air fryer. Additionally, being manufactured by a reputable Japanese company with a long history in the cooking space, you can trust the quality and reliability of this appliance.

Evolution of Microwave Technology

Sharp has been at the forefront of microwave technology since the 1970s when they introduced their first microwave oven. They revolutionized the industry by incorporating sensor technology and cooking data derived from numerous experiments and advice from top chefs. Today, Sharp continues to innovate, packing more technology into their microwaves and using advanced sensor technology to enhance cooking processes.

User-Friendly Manual

One of the frustrations with new appliances is often the lack of clear instructions. However, Sharp has addressed this issue with the R321CAF Microwave. The manual is over 40 pages long and provides crystal clear instructions, diagrams, and even recipes. It's a comprehensive guide that ensures you get the best out of each cooking function.

Customized Cooking Programs

The R321CAF series offers a total of 34 auto menus, including 9 dedicated to air fry cooking. Sharp engineers have customized these programs to suit Australian foods and cooking preferences. Whether you're cooking frozen French fries, fresh vegetables, or frozen chicken nuggets, you can rely on the R321CAF Microwave to deliver excellent results.

Stylish Design

The Sharp R321CAF Microwave comes in two stylish color combinations: black stainless steel and simple stainless steel. Both options will complement any modern kitchen decor.


In conclusion, the Sharp R321CAF Microwave is an excellent investment for any kitchen. Its five-in-one cooking capabilities, built-in air fryer, and compact size make it a versatile and space-saving appliance. With its competitive pricing and the trustworthiness of the Sharp brand, you can't go wrong with this microwave. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to convenient and delicious meals.

Rating: 9/10

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