The Miele H2766BP-1 Oven: The Perfect Combination of Air Fryer and Oven

WriterDaniel Roberts

25 February 2024

The Miele H2766BP-1 Oven: The Perfect Combination of Air Fryer and Oven


Air fryers have become a staple in many kitchens, replacing traditional ovens as the go-to cooking appliance. However, Miele's new oven, the H2766BP-1, aims to challenge this trend by combining the best features of air fryers and ovens.

The Miele H2766BP-1 Oven

The Miele H2766BP-1 Oven takes the familiar design and functionality of ovens and incorporates additional cooking functions found in air fryers and multi-cookers. With its automatic programs, you can easily select the specific food you're baking, and the oven will handle the rest, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Air Fryer-Like Features

Similar to air fryers, the Miele H2766BP-1 Oven features rotary controls and a clear touchscreen display for easy customization of your meals. In addition to its pre-set automatic cooking functions, the oven offers various operating modes, including grill, fan plus, eco fan heat, convection heat, intensive bake, fan grill, and AirFry.

The AirFry Function

One of the standout features of the Miele H2766BP-1 Oven is its AirFry function. By circulating a hot air stream around the interior, the oven can cook food perfectly without the need for excess fat. This innovative technology also delivers crispy and crunchy results, similar to those achieved with an air fryer.

Additional Features

Aside from its AirFry function, the Miele H2766BP-1 Oven boasts a soft open and close door and a sleek built-in design. It is also compatible with the Miele app and supports voice commands, allowing you to integrate smart technology into your kitchen.

The Future of Ovens

Manufacturers are recognizing the popularity of air fryers and are incorporating air fryer settings and attachments into their ovens. This move aims to prevent ovens from becoming obsolete in the face of the air fryer trend. While air fryers are more cost-effective to purchase and operate compared to ovens, ovens still offer the convenience of larger cooking capacities, making them appealing to those with big families or a need for more cooking space.


The rise of air fryers has revolutionized the way we cook, but ovens still hold their place in the kitchen. The Miele H2766BP-1 Oven combines the best of both worlds, offering the convenience of an oven with the added functionality of an air fryer. As more oven brands follow suit, it is clear that the air fryer trend is here to stay. Whether you choose an air fryer or an oven with air frying capabilities, both options provide versatile cooking solutions for every kitchen.

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