They May Be All the Rage, But They Aren’t Always Perfect: The Air Fryer Dilemma

WriterDaniel Roberts

5 May 2024

They May Be All the Rage, But They Aren’t Always Perfect: The Air Fryer Dilemma

The air fryer has become the latest kitchen superhero, transforming the way we think about cooking. It promises crispy, delicious meals with a fraction of the oil and hassle. But is it the be-all and end-all of kitchen gadgets? Let's dive deep and find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Air fryers have revolutionized quick and healthy cooking, but they're not without their limitations.
  • Cooking bacon in an air fryer can be problematic due to fat drippage, causing smoke and potential mess.
  • Dietitian Brenda Peralta highlights the challenges of cooking bacon in air fryers, from difficulty in flipping to limited capacity.
  • It's time to reconsider the versatility of air fryers and understand that some foods might be better off cooked the traditional way.

The air fryer's claim to fame is hard to dispute. It's fast, it's efficient, and it cuts down on fat - a dream come true for health-conscious foodies. Yet, as we navigate through the myriad of meals we can prepare with this nifty device, we stumble upon an unexpected caveat: not everything is meant to be air-fried. Take bacon, for example, a staple in many diets and a favorite among air fryer enthusiasts. However, according to dietitian Brenda Peralta, we might want to hit pause on that thought.

The Bacon Conundrum

Brenda Peralta sheds light on an often-overlooked issue with air frying bacon. "It is a fatty food, and when it is cooked inside these convenient cookers, the fat can drip down and cause smoke or splatter," she explained in a conversation with Yahoo. This not only leads to a messy kitchen but also poses the risk of uneven cooking. The air fryer's compact size, while perfect for quick meals, falls short when it comes to accommodating larger quantities of bacon, making it less ideal for those Sunday family brunches.

Furthermore, the challenge of flipping bacon in the basket without breaking it adds another layer of complexity to what is supposed to be a simple cooking process. This speaks volumes about the need to reassess the practicality of air fryers for certain foods.

Rethinking Air Fryer Versatility

This revelation prompts a broader discussion on the limitations of air fryers. While they stand as a testament to modern cooking convenience, it's crucial to acknowledge that they may not be the one-stop solution for all cooking needs. Foods that require careful handling or come with a significant amount of fat might not fare well in the high-flying baskets of air fryers.

Engage and Reflect

What are your thoughts on the air fryer debate? Have you had any mishaps or surprising successes with certain foods? Share your experiences and let's broaden the conversation on the do's and don'ts of air frying.


As we continue to embrace the wonders of modern cooking technology, it's important to remember that every gadget has its place. The air fryer, for all its glory, is no exception. By understanding its limitations and learning from culinary experts like Brenda Peralta, we can make more informed choices about how to best use these devices in our daily cooking routines. So, before you decide to ditch the frying pan altogether, consider the nuanced cooking needs of each meal. After all, variety is the spice of life, and sometimes, traditional methods might just be the secret ingredient your kitchen needs.

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