UConn and Purdue Lose: Fraud Power Rankings Return

WriterDaniel Roberts

23 February 2024

UConn and Purdue Lose: Fraud Power Rankings Return

Episode 99: UConn AND Purdue Lose + Fraud Power Rankings are BACK

In this episode, the hosts discuss the recent losses of UConn and Purdue in college basketball. They also bring back the Fraud Power Rankings segment, where they rank the most fraudulent teams in sports.

We Were ATTACKED on Our Gorilla Trek

This video documents a group's experience of being attacked while on a gorilla trek. The video serves as a cautionary tale and highlights the importance of safety precautions when engaging in wildlife activities.

Tommy Smokes Shares His 2014 NFL Big Board - Barstool Rundown - February 22nd, 2024

Tommy Smokes shares his NFL Big Board from 2014 in this episode of Barstool Rundown. He discusses his rankings and provides insights into the players' performances during that time.

Barstool Pizza Review - Bob’s Pizza (Chicago, IL) presented by Mugsy

In this pizza review, the host visits Bob's Pizza in Chicago, IL. The review includes a detailed analysis of the pizza's taste, crust, and overall quality.

Tank Cooks Bacon and Eggs in the Air Fryer

Tank demonstrates how to cook bacon and eggs using an air fryer. The video provides step-by-step instructions and tips for achieving the perfect breakfast using this cooking method.

These are just a few highlights from the Barstool Sports channel. Check out their website or YouTube channel for more entertaining and informative content!

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